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 Federal Mandated Homosexual Marriage

 The Clock is Ticking on Christianity in America

AGENDA 16 Churches Cleaned out the U.S Senate...Thank You
  AGENDA 16 Has "Teamed Up" with Massresistance
      Together, we will use our resources to DEFEAT man-made homosexual marriage

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                   FREE Our Christian Brother Jack Phillips

             Colorado judge and the ACLU(American Civil Liberties Union) force and bully         
       Christian Bakery owner to bake wedding cakes for homosexual couples or face
 camp or close business. So sad..the religious assault on 
          Christianity in America...

                                    Click here to watch video
           As our government ramps up it's assault on Christianity in America, Christian
           business owners...loyal to God and their faith are being bullied and sued by 
           same sex couples and the government. This action is nothing more than an effort
           to legalize man-made homosexual marriage, shame Christians and ultimately
             silence churches in America on preaching against homosexuality. The Bible tells

           Christians that we need to be as harmless as doves and wise as serpents.
           Constantly aware as Christians what is taking place right in front of our faces, the
             systematic take down and destruction of Christianity in America under the pretense
             of fairness and equality. Today it is Christian owned businesses getting sued and
           shut down by homosexual couples.'s potentially every church in America
           if man -made homosexual marriage becomes Federal Law and a Civil Right.


        Christians...this is not a joke..this is REAL! These liberal democrat politicians, Hollywood
        and activists groups would love to see Christianity in America disappear in order to make
        way for the new religion of "BIG GOVERNMENT" liberalism where the State becomes the
        new church and Christianity as we know it becomes a footnote in American history.
        The President, Congress, the supreme court and federal judges do not have the divine
        or constitutional authority to redefine God's definition of marriage. Woe unto any man
          who oversteps his bounds to assume and play the role of God! These lawless, Godless
          government officials will ultimately have to answer to God for their evil deeds.


         If America is to remain friendly to Christians and People of Faith. If America is to
         remain a Christian nation that recognizes Freedom of Religion and our right to
         exercise our religious beliefs. Every Christian and person of Faith from east to west
         and from north to south must join hands across this GREAT Nation and stand up
         and fight against the greatest evil ever to hit America since slavery. It's Christianity
           versus our evil, corrupt and immoral government. If we rise up..they will back down!

   Give my friend and hero Jack Phillips a call or send him an email and let him know
         that he is not alone in this FIGHT! Urge your minister or pastor in your respective
           state to join AGENDA 16 and join our battle to fight the greatest evil since slavery..
           which is man-made homosexual marriage. Today it's Jack Phillips..tomorrow it will be
           your church.
                        "Providence has given to  our people the choice of their Rulers, and it is the duty
                          as well as the privledge and interest of our Christian Nation to Select and prefer
  Christians as their Leaders."            - John Jay - 1st U.S supreme court Justice

Government PERSECUTION and BULLYING against Christians

Atlanta Fire Chief Kelvin Cochran who is a Christian was fired by Atlanta Mayor for a book that
he wrote and distributed that expressed his spiritual views on homosexuality. AGENDA 16
supports Kelvin Cochran and his first amendment right to express his religious beliefs. There is

a nationwide assault to suppress and silence Christians and their belief that God created marriage
to be enjoyed by the union between one man and one woman.
Fasten your seatbelts boys and girls
this roller coaster ride of Christian bigotry by the liberals and democrats is just getting started

 ARRESTED For RAPE of a 15 Year old Boy

                                          As reported in the Oregonian back in November of 2014, sixty-six year old Terry Bean - co Founder of the
                                          anti-christian, pro-homosexual organization Human Rights Campaign and "big time" democrat party donor.
                                           He and his partner Kiah Loy Lawson have been arrested  and charged with felonies for the alleged sodomizing
                                           of a fifteen year old boy. This is the organization that is running homosexual ads in Mississippi and brainwashing
                                           Mississippi churches to join the homosexual marriage movement. REALLY? Read the entire story at:



AGENDA 16 Churches made an IMPACT on the Midterm Elections..Thank You!!

               " All that's necessary for the triumph of evil is that GOOD men do NOTHING "

This is the result of the government redefining marriage:                           

                                            AGENDA 16 Our Christian Revolution
                                             Restoring God back to Government
                                        Putting the POWER  back into the hands of We the People

                                                    " Where the people fear the government you have tyranny;
                                                      where the government fears the people , you have liberty "

                                                      brotha ed protesting homosexual ordinance at City Hall   

                                            brotha ed Standing with Houston Pastors in Protest of Mayor Parker

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                                 Christian Conservative Senator Ted Cruz Standing With Houston Pastors in Protest of Mayor Parker

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Click on this image below for Fort Worth Religious Freedom video


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LEGALIZED Man-Made homosexual marriage will be labeled a
 Civil same sex couples the right to sue churches
 that refuse to marry them! We no longer live in a FREE Country
                  Christians across America..WE CAN STOP THIS
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Senator Ted Cruz Message of Hope
National Day of Prayer
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Man-made homosexual marriage
Amnesty..and much more!
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in only the way brotha ed can explain it.
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 Smokers under ObamacareTAX  to pay $9,000.00 per year

                         Oprah Winfrey refuses to promote Obamacare click on link
                              The NFL refuses to promote Obamacare click on link

                               MUST SEE video links if you are a liberal democrat
                              Please watch videos in order from 1-10..they will make more sense
                                   1. Pastor C.L Bryant explains his Runaway Slave movie
                                                     2. Who really is Obama's REAL father?
                                                     3. Should the democrats merge with the communist party

                                                     4. Democrat Maxine Watters wants government to run all corporations
                                                     5. Black CEO regrets voting for Obama because he's Black
                                                     6. English immigrant explains America on the path to communism
                                                     7. Democrats "BOO" God and disrespect Israel at DNC Convention 2012
                                                     8. President Obama removes the word God from speech
                                                     9. President Obama makes fun of God and the Bible
                                                  10. President Reagan smacks down obamacare and communism

This site is intended to provide factual historical data regarding Black Republican History. It is an outrage when I ask the average Black person why they vote for or support the Democrat Party and the common response is " I don't know...cuz they help Black people". It is a crying shame the way the Democrat and liberals in and out of our educational system have erased our rich..proud Republican Black History and have re-written it to present the image that the Democrat party has always been the party of Civil Rights when history plainly teaches us that it was the Republican party that fought for the Black man and freed the slaves. The million dollar question is why did the Liberals re-write Black political history to ensure that Blacks were a permanent voting block for generations to come. Why was the script flipped to make the Republican Party look like racists and bigots when just the opposite was true...history plainly tells us that the Democrat Party enslaved Black people..wanted to expand Slavery and deny Blacks their right to VOTE!
You have a lot of questions regarding your Republican Black History. We as Black people have been lied to..misinformed..miseducated and denied our true Republican History. All of your questions and more will be answered via my videos at and on this website.

AGENDA 16:Our Christian Revolution
Is a grassroots, nationwide movement in response to homosexual marriage and obamacareTAX. We are working with churches across America, tying them in with conservative organizations that share and espouse Christian values and principles. The rabid homosexual and activists groups with the blessings of the democrat party and the U.S supreme court have fanned out across America with one goal in mind. Their goal is to march into every state and dismantle those states' constitutions that ban homosexual marriage. In essence, these angry mobs are going behind the backs of the voters of those states and reversing their votes through the courts.
According to my knowledge of the Bible, when we see this assault on the Word of God we are commanded to defend God's Holy Word as Christians and believers. As citizens and patriots of the United States, the U.S Constitution gives us the authority to defend freedom, religious freedom and liberty when we see these institution under assault.

One of the most overlooked unintended consequences of legal homosexual marriage is the control the government will have over every church in
America. It's bad enough that churches are mandated by the IRS to limit free preach from the pulpit or risk losing their tax exempt status.
For this reason AGENDA 16 supports abolishing the IRS and the current tax code. Many pastors and preachers are afraid to display and
prove their faith because of this provision in the tax code. Remember, the IRS was not written into the U.S Constitution by the Founders.
It was added over a century later by democrat President Franklin Delano Roosevelt as a way to pay for the war.
Another issue that has been left out of this homosexual marriage debate is the issue of marriage license. When we refer back to the Holy Bible
there is no record or example of a marriage license being issued to sanction marriage. The history of the marriage license has a dark past in
American history. The first marriage license was issued in the 1800's. The purpose of the marriage license was to allow Blacks to marry outside
of their race. As long as Blacks married Blacks a marriage license was not needed. Today a marriage license is basically meaningless in terms
of it's original purpose. The marriage license gives the government authority over marriage. According to the Bible, the government never played a role in marriage and what we see today with homosexual marriage is the government assuming the role and playing God in trying to redefine
marriage. The marriage license is what gives them in their eyes this authority. As believers and Children of God, we understand that the government does not have the authority whatsoever, to change God's definition of marriage. Just as the state of California has deemed the Bible as "hate" speech.
If homosexual marriage becomes Federal law, expect the democrat party to introduce a bill deeming the Bible as "hate speech" and preaching or
teaching against homosexuality a crime. Think it can't happen in America. The democrats will ensure that it will. When this law takes effect, the
churches in America will no longer be under God control, but rather government control. These homosexuals groups are hungry, fearless and
emboldened! They will stop at nothing until every state in the Union is forced to recognize homosexual marriage and Christianity is shown the exit.


     Congressman Tim Huelskamp


     AGENDA 16 Endorses and supports Congressman Tim and his efforts to stand up and fight back
     against homosexual marriage. We salute his courage and his leadership on this volatile issue that is
     tearing down the foundations of our culture and existence. Congressman Tim has submitted a bill that will
     amend the U.S Constitution defining marriage as between 1 man and 1 woman. If you ever thought that we
     would be living in a country where this could ever be an issue...well you are not alone. How did we get to
     this point in our nation? Anyhow, a similar bill was defeated in the Congress back in 2006 when the
     democrats held the majority in the House. The amendment failed to reach the 290 votes required for passage.
     The final tally was 216 - 187. As it stands, Congressman Tim has 28 Republican members standing in his corner
     in favor of this amendment. He needs 262 more votes to advance the amendment to make it a reality.
     If you read the WALL OF COURAGE carefully, you will note that there are no democrats in support of this bill.
     If you are a church going democrat and you fully understand that the Holy Bible condemns homosexuality, you
     have to be scratching your head. However, if you Mr. or Mrs. Democrat are a student of history you fully
     understand why the democrats are sitting on their hands on this issue. Slavery was one of the most immoral,
     cruel, inhumane institutions our nation has ever seen. The democrat party back then was content and happy as a
     jaybird to allow it to expand across America. The Whig party did not have the stomach to push back against
     this evil institution and eventually, this issue of slavery led to their demise. Along comes Fredrick Douglass,
     Abraham Lincoln and a host of abolitionist which served as the basis to form the Republican party.
     Many of you good democrats were not taught in school that the Republican party was created to end slavery in
     America. well, now you know. What we are seeing today in regards to our culture and the democrat party is
     really nothing new to democrats. Go back and read your history and you will find that the democrat party had no
     motivation or incentive to end slavery. They never fought for voting rights or civil rights for Blacks.
     Whenever the Republicans in congress passed civil rights legislation, the new democrat President or the new
     democrat congress would repeal it. This is why Black Americans did not get full civil rights until 1964 because
     democrats kept repealing it since the Voting Act of 1865. When we look at today's culture, we notice that the
     liberals in the democrat party tend to always side with immoral legislation such as abortion, legalized gambling,
     legal marijuana, homosexual marriage, no prayer in schools, multiculturalism, government dependency..etc.
     None of these social issues have Republican sponsorship. Why? The ideology is different. This is where many
     Black Americans have lost their way. What I'm trying to say is that many Black Americans who vote democrat do
    not understand the philosophical differences in the two ideologies. Black democrats do not understand liberalism.
    This is why Black Christians continue to vote for democrats who pass legislation against their conservative
    spiritual beliefs.

                                                            WALL OF COURAGE
             Men of God and Faith Protecting God's definition of Marriage and Christianity in America

1. Joe Barton - Republican-Texas                    11. Walter Jones, Jr - Republican - N. Carolina       21. Tim Walberg - Rep. - Mississippi
2. Ralph Hall - Republican - Texas                   12. Mark Meadows - Republican - N. Carolina        22.  Jim Jordan - Rep. Ohio
3. Louis Gomert - Republican - Texas              13. Robert Pittenberger - Republican - N. Carolina 23.  Frank Wolf - Rep. Virginia
4. Sam Johnson - Republican - Texas              14. Trent Franz - Republican - Arizona                    24. John Fleming - Rep. Louisiana
5. Steve Stockman - Republican - Texas          15. David Schweikert- Republican - Arizona           25. Andy Harris - Rep. Maryland
6. Randy Neugebauer - Republican - Texas     16. Paul Broun - Republican - Georgia                    26. Stevan Pierce - Rep. New Mexico
7. Jim Brideenstine - Republican - Oklahoma  17. Lynn Westmoreland - Republican - Georgia      27. Randy Hultgren - Rep. Illinois
8. James Landford - Republican - Oklahoma   18. Joseph Pitts - Republican - Pennsylvania          28.  Chris Smith - Rep. New Jersey
9. Mo Brooks - Republican - Alabama              19. Bill Shuster - Republican - Pennslyvania
0. Jeff Duncan - Republican - S. Carolina        20. Steven Palazza - Republican - Mississippi

Senator Ted Cruz


AGENDA 16 proudly endorses the "Texas Cruz Missile" Senator Ted Cruz. Senator Ted has proven to be
    a man of honor, courage and principle. Senator Ted Cruz is fearless and unphased in displaying his christian
   beliefs and values in defense of God's definition of marriage and obamacareTAX. Senator Ted promised us,
   the good folks in Texas that if we sent him to Washington D.C he would do all that he could to repeal obamacareTAX.
   The night before the state and federal exchanges were to go online, our brave and heroic Senator took to the Floor
   of the Senate and filibustered the healthcare law for almost 24 hours straight! Senator Ted stood valiently, warning
   America about the dangers of obamacareTAX. He understood what a disaster the law was going to be once fully
   implemented. Senator Ted never backed down willing to take the backlash of his efforts to save us from this evil and
   immoral law. He was called out not only by the democrats. but by the establishment republicans in his own party.
   Both parties called him names, lied on him, mischaracterized and raked him over the coals. However, through it all,
   this leader continues stand and fight for right, unafraid, unwavering and determined. This is the kind of leadership
   that is lacking in our government. Men of substance with values and principles about themselves come a dime a
   dozen in D.C politics. AGENDA 16 is honored to support men like Senator Ted Cruz!
   Many of you were sold a bill of goods and misled by the democrat party and the liberal, state controlled news media
   as to how wonderful and great obamacareTAX was going to be. Black politicians ran radio spots on Black radio, lying
   hyping up and misleading Black democrats about obamacareTAX. And to this day, not one Black democrat politician
   has come out and apologized to the Black community regarding their lies. The media and the democrats presented a
   smiley face version of obamacareTAX and dared anyone to speak against the healthcare law and if you were caught
   speaking out against the law, the democrats labeled these folks racists and bigots for speaking out against the law.
   What has this society come to? I truly believe that God will protect his children. Day, by day, as obamacareTAX
   becomes deeper and deeper entrenched into our lives, we are starting to see the reality of this socialist based law.
   Doctors understand that working for the government is going to be a pain. Many of them, the good doctors are
   bailing out, taking early retirement to avoid this trainwreck! Faith based organizations and businesses are being
   sued by the obama regime for not obeying the part of the law that forces them to pay for contraception and abortion
   inducing drugs. Yes, obamacareTAX covers the cost of abortions. The IRS, the corrupt agency that targets the tea         party and conservative groups for their ideological beliefs will now be in charge of YOUR healthcare. Isn't that lovely!
  Cancer patients are also suffering under this heavy handed, top down law. Cancer patients and the terminally ill have
  had their policies canceled, due to obamareTAX after Obama lied to them repeatedly about them being able to keep
  their insurance if they like it. Can you say, never trust a communist? ObamacareTAX is based on the socialist model of
  healthcare instead of the capitalist model of healthcare. It's on youtube, Obama fying around the country comparing
  his healthcare plan to that of Canada's. Just in case you did not know, socialist based heathcare, such as obamacareTAX
  redistrubutes the wealth. This simply means that your taxes will go through the roof, the size of government gets
  bigger, we enjoy less freedoms and have less choices. full-time employees are knocked down to part-time and the law
  forces young, healthy adults to purchase expensive policies that they really don't need and cannot afford.
  ObamacareTAX fines anyone who does not by a healthcare policy. I knew if I kept waking up each morning, I was going
  to wake up in The United States of Cuba under the Obama administration. ObamacarwTAX is a MESS! It was something
  that was forced on us, it was not needed and totally unneccassary.  Senator Ted tried to warn you. However, there is
  still time to repeal this law. Black christian democrats, cross over to the GOP and help Senator Ted by electing
  Christian conservatives from the tea party to fight to repeal obamacareTAX in the U.S Senate come November 2014.


  AGENDA 16 Thanks Neuroseurgeon Dr. Ben Carson for his forward thinking private sector based healthcare plan
  for America.


  Congressman Randy Weber - Texas

   AGENDA 16 Endorses Congressman Randy Weber of Texas for introducing the State Marriage Defense Act of
    2014, which seeks to limit federal recognition of homosexual marriage. Since the U.S supreme court overturned a
    major part of DOMA (Defense of Marriage Act), the federal government under Obama has begun recognizing 
    homosexual marriage wherever they are legally performed. Weber's bill would eliminate this "place of celebration"
    recognition and prevent the government from recognizing homosexual marriage except in states that do as well.

 Colonel Allen B. West - Florida

Endorses Col. Allen West. A potential conservative candidate for President in 2016, he
has proven that he is a bull in a china shop. Willing to upset the establishment and the status quo within
the parameters of common sense and conservatism. I am still watching and researching the colonel on
where he stands on the issues just in case he decides to run. The fact that he has stood behind a pulpit
and preached and has acknowledged God in the political arena has got me cheering for the colonel.
Check out the colonel in action at these youtube links.

Colonel Allen West preaches at the Truth Church - Click here

Colonel Allen West preaches at Morningside Church - Click here

Colonel Allen West preaches at Church of the Apostles - Click here


David Barton -

The Pulpit and Politics in today's culture

Did you know that there used to be a time in America
where the pulpit and politics went hand in hand. It is strange to think in today's generation and culture that such a
thing actually existed. America, I want to introduce to you The Black Robed Regiment. The Black Robed Regiment was
the name that the British placed on the courageous and patriotic clergy during the Founding era of America. ( A backhanded
reference to the black robes that they wore) The British blamed the Black Regiment for American Independence.
Rightfully so, for modern historians have documented that there is not a right asserted in the Declaration of Independence
which had not been discussed by the New England clergy before 1763. The American clergy were faithful exponents of the
fullness of God's Word, applying it's principles to every aspect of life , thus shaping America's institutes and culture.
They were also at the forefront of proclaiming liberty, resisting tyranny and opposing encroachments on God-given rights
and freedoms. The ministers of the Revolution were, like their Puritan predessesors, bold and fearless in the cause of their
country. No class of men contributed more to carry forward the Revolution and to achieve our independence than did the
ministers. Their prayers, patriotic sermons, and services rendered the highest assistance to civil government, the army and
the country. As I look across tis great nation, across the fruited plains it is breathtaking to think how wonderfully blessed we
are to live in a free country. However, freedom is not free. Freedom has to be constantly fought for and defended. It is our
duty as Americans and people of faith to preserve the freedoms and liberties for the next generation to enjoy.
Somehow, today's pulpit ministers must re-embrace that part of our heritage when the pulpit and politics went hand in hand.
Otherwise, America, as we know her will fade into the sunset and on some breezy afternoon somewhere in America we will
sit around the dinner table telling our great grandchildren how we used to be free in America.


With 90% plus of the U.S Black population re-electing President Obama the fate of the Black church has been sealed.
Why do I say this?'s simple. President Obama believes in the communist ideology..redistribution of wealth
and homosexual marriage...just to name a few. These political beliefs do not gel with the U. S Constitution of limited
government..freedom and liberty. Furthermore, God, thru his Word has never delegated benevolence and good works
via government. The Bible has always instructed individuals and not government to help the poor..feed the hungry and so
on. This is one area where the Black church has lost up and handing this authority to a bunch of greedy,
money hungry corrupt politicians who see everything as a political opportunity. Sadly, the Black church puts it political
democrat ideology before the scripture. This was apparent with 90% plus of Black American re-electing President Obama.
The first President in U.S history to endorse homosexual marriage, which is a violation of the scripture. You and I know as
Black Americans that the Black church has been nothing more than election hubs for democrat politicians. Black ministers
are quick to preach morality but when they leave the pulpit they preach immorality and hate by way of their actions and
behaviors. Many of them can be seen marching with liberal and radical protestors. Not marching or protesting against
abortion, homosexual marriage or standing up for spiritual issues such as prayer in public places..rather than doing this
they march with the Al Sharptons and Jesse Jacksons. You can rest assured..whenever you see either of these two kats
on tv behind a mic..there is manufactured racism somehere and the opportunity to make some money. If the Black church
and Black America do not abandon these two guys expect race relations in America to get worse. Getting rich on the back
of the Civil Rights movement of the 60's is in my view a crime itself. Good conservative Black Christians and people of faith
will not tolerate liberal pulpit leadership continuing to preach morality while voting immorality. These Christians love
God and adhere to their conservative spiritual upbringing as taught by their parents and "big mama". They will not sit in
the pews knowing that the pulpit has been corrupted with the liberal democrat "white" ideology. This is why the Black church will become extinct within 25 years because they have replaced the holy scriptures with liberalism. Christian values
and the democrat liberal ideology is like oil and water..the two just do not mix. When you sit back and just look at the sad
condition of the Black church and Black America you will come to the conclusion that we as a community have gotten away
from GOD, FAMILY and COUNTRY. We have allowed satan to come in..set up shop..rearrange things..redefine things..make up laws and rules that are to hos benefit and not ours. With homosexual marriage looming, abortion BIG GOVT. liberal socialist policies...ObamacareTAX..the position of the Black church has become weakened and very soon the black church will become irrelevant. A relic of the afterthought..a preacher for BIG GOVT. versus preaching
the uncompromised Word of God. It is time for Black America and the Black church to unchain itself from the shackles of
liberalim..socialism and social justice and get back to GOD, FAMILY and COUNTRY. When we do this the saggy pants
will be pulled up again..our marriage rates will increase..the dads will become fathers again and the pulpits will have

- brotha ed

  God will not allow Obamacare to transform America into a Communist utopia

Whether it's by design or just a wreckless display of incompetence the highly tauted and promoted communist based
healthcare law has been a blessed disaster. Now why do I say this? Well..this is just an example of how communism will
look in America. Corrupt..arrogant..incompetent politicians attempting to take over the private sector with little to no
business or executive experience at the expense of We the People. For those of you that are uncomfortable with the term
communism..the word simply means when the government takes over and commands and control the private sector.
In other words..if you work in the trucking industry and the federal government decides that it wants to take over
trucking..this my friend is communism. This taking over America's healthcare system is happening right before
our eyes and yet the average Black American is clueless to this and even thinks that this government take over by Obama
is a good thing. Black America...what can I say...clueless and gullible. I would like to shine the light three points as to why
communising the greatest healthcare system in the world will cost each American their freedom and liberty in the new
United Socialist States of America courtesy of President Obama and the democrat party.

1.Obamacare is a TAX: That's right boys and girls. Obamacare is not healthcare it's simply a new tax law that redistributes
   the wealth to Obama..the federal government and his rich friends and cronies. This is why every Black American should be
   standing up cheering on Senator Ted Cruz in his attempt to bring attention to ObamacareTAX linking it to the continuing
   resolution battle before the partial government shutdown. Senator Cruz has and is only trying to protect us from this   
  communist based tax law. Supreme court justice John Roberts a republican...was the deciding vote that made
  ObamacareTAX legal. Not as healthcare..rather as a tax. The U.S Constitution does not give Obama nor the federal
  government the authority to provide universal healthcare for America. That's communism and the framers understood that
  somewhere down the line a tyrannical government such as the Obama administration was going to try and circumvent the
  constitution. Though the framers structured the constitution with "checks and balances" the democrat party..hellbent
  on this new tax law found creative ways to circumvent and get around the checks and balances.

2. The Individual mandate: This is the part of ObamacareTAX that then candidate Obama back in 2006 said that he
    opposed while running against Hillary Clinton. Why did Obama oppose the individual mandate then? That's simple.
    To contrast himself from Hillary. So why does Obama support the individual mandate today? Obama supports the
    individual mandate now because it helps fund Obamacare. Without it..based on how ObamacareTAX is imploding right
    before our eyes..Obamacare would stall. The individual mandate itself is unconstitutional. The individual mandate allows
    Obama and the IRS to bully and force healthy, uninsured Americans to buy healthcare insurance. Again..this is how
    a communist form of government bullies it's citizens by forcing them to buy something that they really don't want.
    In layman's terms..if you do not purchase healthcare insurance by 2014 as mandated by Obama the IRS will assess a tax
    penalty which in a couple of years will double and quadruple in price. Are you going to pay the penalty or not? Is this a
    form of serfdom or slavery when our government..people that we elect bully us into buying a product or service?
    Am I stretching it a bit by saying that if you refuse to be a serf or a slave to the government by refusing to buy health
    insurance..refusing to pay the tax I exagerrating by saying that the IRS can come after you garnish your
    wages...seize your home..your car..your bank accounts and not to mention the possibility of JAIL TIME!!!
    Again..this is a tax law as deemed by the U.S Supreme court. Think about this for a minute America...all of us..potentially
    who do not pay the tax penalty by not buying health insurance..Obama and the IRS can put us in jail for not buying
    health insurance. And you mean to tell me that you hate Senator Ted Cruz for trying to protect our basic individual rights
   as Americans by trying to repeal this law. America...what are you smoking? Wake up and smell the coffee.
   Every democrat politician, except one, Artu Davis voted for Obamacare. I ask you America..based on the facts that you are
   finding out about ObamacareTAX...does the democrat party really care about your money..your liberty and your freedom
   as a a free American citizen?

3. Obamacare..THE END GAME: America when the dance is over and we pull back the curtain on all the lies and
    deceit that has come by way of ObamacareTAX and covered up by the national news cable have to ask
    yourselves..what's the end game to ObamacareTAX? Was it really created and designed to help the poor and
    uninsured? Was it really designed to cut costs and save each family in America $2,500.00 per year? All of these
    bullet points were laid out to the American people by Obama..Hollywood and the democrat party to get each American
    to accept this idea that government was and is the only solution to solve the healthcare issues in America.
    However...we are seeing day to day that we were lied to by the Obama administration and the media about the substance
    and true intentions of ObamacareTAX. Ever heard of " Single Payer"? A single payer healthcare system is when the
   federal government pays for everything..thereby forever transforming our form of government from capitalism to
   communism. This is what President Obama wants for America. This is one key component to the fundamental
   transformation that he promised while campaigning in 2006 for the White House. Single payer has been the dream of
   the democrats, liberals, progressives and socialists in America for over 50 years going back to President Woodrow Wilson
   (democrat) Obamacare never has and never will be about providing affordable healthcare to all of America.
   The concept behind ObamacareTAX is to drive all private insurance in America out of business so that the only player
   in town will be the federal government. If you know anything about and demand it is very easy to
  understand that if the government is the only source for one to buy insurance..that means no competition which means
  the federal government can charge you as much as they want to. Since ObamacareTAX is a communist based tax law you
  will be forced to pay for everybody's healthcare in America whether you like it or not. Your monthly premiums will
  skyrocket and you the Obama worshipper will be standing dumbfounded wondering what happened. In short..if you
  out of ignorance ran to the state or federal exchanges for health coverage you are contributing to putting thousands of
  insurance companies out of business and transforming America into a socialist-communist utopia. Obama and the
  democrats knew that in order for ObamacareTAX to work millions of Americans would have to get their current
  health insurance policies canceled. So..don't be made a fool of by Obama and the democrats crocodile tears over Americans
  losing their current health plans that they liked. It was always designed that way and always a part of their plan to take
  over the healthcare industry in America.
Communism does not work to help the people that it enslaves..rather it serves as a political power structure accessed
  by only a few. Which are the politically connected..the super rich and the crony capitalists. This my friends is the true
  end game of Obamacare. For further proof..go to youtube and type in " obama on single payer" and watch the video.

  - brotha ed

        The Democrat party..Hollywood and the news media will NEVER  endorse a Christian for President

Have you ever sat down and thought to yourself how it would be to have a true Christian President in the
White House who loves the American people..God, Family and Country. A Christian President  who is patriotic
and who understands the values that has made America that shining city on a hill. A Christian President who
believes in our free market free enterprise capitalistic form of government. A President whenever he speaks he
speaks with boldness and clarity and his inspirational words of freedom and liberty sends chills up and down
your spine. A President who will lower gas prices..lower taxes..repeal obamacareTAX and ban man-made
homosexual marriage. Unfortunately friends...this Christian with conservative spiritual values will never make
it out of the primaries. Why? The reality is..eventhough Christians make up the majority of voters in America the
national news media will not allow this Christian to succeed. You see the news media picks our Presidential
candidates whether you are a democrat or republican it does not matter. 2008 Hillary Clinton was
supposed to be next in was her turn. Then out of the blue..a young, strapping communist from the streets
of Chicago named Barack Obama appeared on the scene and pulled the rug from underneath Hillary. The media
looking to exploit this communist as the first black President of the United States dumped Hillary and told you
to support Obama. The same scenario also applies to McCain and Romney. In order to understand the mindset of
the national news must come to grips that the news media is comprised of liberals and democrats whose
objective is to make you hate Christians..conservatives..republicans and the tea party patriots and love the liberals..
socialists..communists and democrats. That's it in a nutshell gang..I kid you not. If a straight laced Christian  who
never did drugs..never dranked and is happily married with a beautiful family evolved out of the tea party and
ran against a crack smoking..cocaine snorting homosexual democrat who would the media support? The answer
is simple..they would support the crack head for President and run false news stories and lies on the Christian tea
party candidate to make you hate him and love the democrat. I can't explain it any plainer than that friends..this is
the strategy that the media has been playing for years. The media will call this Christian a bigot because he wants
to ban homosexual marriage in America..they will say he is against women because he does not believe in abortion
and they will accuse him of denying you your free healthcare because he wants to repeal obamacareTAX. The media
has the same immoral values that the democrat party and Hollywood does because democrats run the news media. This is why whenever you turn on the news there are always negative news stories about Christians..conservatives and the tea party.
You never hear anything negative about the democrats...unless some democrat has screwed up so badly that the
media will be forced to cover and even then they will try their best to spin it and bury it quickly. Such as the case
with obamacareTAX. In addition the sad reality is I believe that Christian voters in the democrat party want a
Christian for President..but sadly they are looking to the democrat party where Christian Presidential candidates do
not exist. Before Christian democrat voters will cross over and vote for a Christian out of the tea party or the GOP
they would rather take their chance with the crack smoking homosexual democrat in my scenario. We as Christians and Americans have got some soul searching to do. We need to admit that the national news media heavily
influences our choice for President no matter what our spiritual values or beliefs are. This kind of thinking must
stop if we as Christians intend on restoring God back to government and power back to the people. My choice for
2016 is Allen West as long as he promises to repeal obamacareTAX and sign into law an amendment to the U.S
Constitution banning homosexual marriage. Hollywood and the national news media will NEVER..NEVER..NEVER
endorse a Christian for President - EVER! And that's the bottom line JACK!

- brotha ed
               Is Comparing being Black to being homosexual a fair comparison by liberal democrats
               My analysis coming soon.....

Eugenicist Margaret Sange

Planned Parenthood Founder Margaret Sanger (1883-1966)

Democrat party Icon for her work in American Eugenics, Abortion and Sterilization

Margaret Sanger Racist Quotes:

" We do not want word to go out that we want to exterminate the Negro population"

" The most merciful thing that a large family does to one of it's infant members is to kill it"

 Read more about Margaret Sanger's dream

 to exterminate the Black population

 by way of sterilization and abortion in my new


Democrat Bull Connor attacking Civil rights protesters
with dogs and water hoses during the 1960's.

Brotha ed's "Kool Korner"

Lamborghini Aventador - Click on image for youtube video
    Ferrari Italia 485 - Click on image for youtube video           Ronnie Coleman Workout                                                     

About Me Christian Conservative

*  4 Year B.S Degree Engineering Technology
*  Worked in Corporate America for 2 Years
*  Started two businesses..Trucking and a non-profit youth program
*  Campaigned and made speeches for John Faulk who ran against Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee in 2010
*  Helped founded the first Black Tea Party in Texas..The Crispus Attucks Tea Party 2011
*  Served as unoffical Debate Advisor for GOP Candidate Herman Cain..helped him win the Florida Straw Poll 2011 
*  On a lifelong mission to restore Honor back to the Black Community by spreading the truth about our erased Proud Black Republican History 

I have read Obama's book " Dreams from my Father " in an effort to discover where his Communist Ideology originated.
I am the oldest of 2 children grew up in Houston, Tx in the 3rd Ward. 3rd Ward has a rich history going back to the days of Sugarhill. When I was coming up it was just known as the "ghetto" or if you prefer a nicer term the "hood". Growing up we had all the basic necessities that children
could want. I always looked forward to each Christmas..there was never a shortage of presents under the tree. As a small child the beginning of school was always a major event..getting school supplies..looking forward to my Toughskin jeans that came in a variety of colors. My parents were hard working..strict..from the old school. Mom made sure that we were in Church services Sunday mornings and nights and Wedneday
night Bible Study. I was baptized into God's family at age 11. Mom did not play when it came to doing what she asked. We either got the belt,
switch or the extension cord..which by todays liberal standards would have been grounds for home removal. Mom did not play that "time out"
crap that the white liberals invented as way to chastise their children. I was always a believer that the punishment the white kids got did not necessarily work for black kids. I dreaded the Saturday mornings when my mom got us up early to go pick up aluminum cans. But what was even 
more embarrassing was when I had to stand in line while my mom or dad paid for groceries with foodstamps! I guess even back then I had that Conservative itch about me and didn't realize it. My mom was a strong..self motivated stubborn creole black woman from Louisiana. When my sister
and I were just children..getting the Government free cheese and dry milk..eating syrup sandwiches for snacks. my mom when she got the opportunity left her job as a maid and became a private duty nurse. Next thing I knew we had upgraded to a Chevy Impala..2 Cutlass Supremes..which I installed a third break light in and a pickup. Looking back and seeing what my mom and dad went through and sacrificed for my sister and I gives me pause. My parents especially my mom taught me Conservative Christian values even though I grew up in democrat home..these Conservative values of God Family Country and hard work molded and shaped me into the man I am today. 
It depresses me whenever I cruise the old democratically controlled "hood" that I grew up in..gazing from behind the limo tinted windows of my
rossa corsa red Dodge Viper. It sickens me to see how liberal democrat policies have devastated my old "hood". The drugs..guys "sagging"..
to their knees hanging out on the corners..the hoplessness of young men and women that were never inspired to develop and follow their dreams beyond
the "hood". As long as Democrats are elected in these communities..the cycle of Government dependence and poverty will continue.


No! Your Eyes Are Not Deceiving You. Jackie Robinson the first Black to play
Major League Baseball pictured here with President Richard Nixon only
supported  Republican Candidates. Why has this fact in our Black History
been ignored and erased
from the history books. According to the history that I
learned and still hear today the Republican party were the racists and the
Democrat party fought for Civil Rights. A picture is worth a thousand words.
Black America...stop allowing the Democrat party to keep suckering you
and learn your true Black Republican History. If the Republican Ideology was
good enough for Mr.'s good enough for me.



Hiram Rhodes Revels - First Black Republican to serve in the U.S Senate..represented Mississippi from 1870-1871 during Reconstruction
Blanche Kelso Bruce - Former Slave was a Black Republican that served in the U.S Senate..represented Mississippi from 1875-1881
Matthew Gains - Black Republican elected to the Texas Legislature House of Representatives-16th District

Republican Black and former Slaves that served in the United States House of Representatives

John Willis Menard - Black Repubican Rep. Louisiana served from 1868 
Joseph Rainey - Former Slave..Black Republican Rep. South Caroilna served from 1870-1879
Jefferson F. Long - Former Slave..Black Republican Rep. Georgia served from 1870-1871
Robert C. DeLarge - Black Republican Rep. South Carolina served from 1871-1874 
Robert B. Elliot - Black Republican Rep. South Carolina from 1871-1873
Benjamin S. Turner - Former Slave..Black Republican Rep. Alabama served from 1871-1873
Josiah T. Walls - Former Slave..Black Republican Rep. Florida served from 1871-1876
Richard H. Cain - Black Republican Rep. South Carolina served from 1873-1879
John R. Lynch - Former Slave..Black Republican Rep. Mississippi served from 1873-1883
James T. Rapier - Black Republican Rep. Alabama served from 1873-1875 
Alonzo J. Ransier - Black Republican Rep. South Carolina served from 1873-1875
Jeremiah Haralson - Former Slave..Black Republican Rep. Alabama served from 1875-1877
John Adams Hyman - Former Slave..Black Republican Rep. South Carolina served from 1875-1877
Charles Nash - Black Republican Rep. Louisiana served from 1875-1877 
Robert Smalls - Former Slave..Black Republican Rep. South Carolina served from 1875-1887 
James E. O' Hara - Black Republican Rep. North Carolina served from 1883-1887

After inviting several Black ministers and Christians to protest the NAACP at their convention in Houston,
nobody showed up. And you wonder why Black America is in the sad condition it is in today. I stood in
front of the George R. Brown for 4 hours protesting the NAACP's Homosexual marriage endorsement.
Sometimes standing for right means standing alone. Summer of 2012.

By supporting and re-electing President Obama

Black America and the Black Church now support:

* Homosexuality

* Same sex Marriage

* Abortion (early and late term)

* Communism

* Socialism

* Class Envy

* Attack on Christian values

* Destruction of Capitalism

* A Weak..Diminshed America

Congratulations Black have allowed the

White liberal Democrats to destroy us Spiritually and Morally

without firing a "shot". We are finished.

Historical Note:
It took 67 years after the first Black Republican was elected for the Racist Democrat Party to elect it's first Black Congressman Arthur Wergs Mitchell
under the Presidency of Franklin Delano Roosevelt in 1935..this is the period when Blacks were forced out of the Republican Party and into the Democrat
Party..the trend continued for several decades..the end result is what we have today..95% of Blacks support and vote for the Party of Slavery the Democrat Party. We will try to undo the brainwashing and conditioning on this website! 





What makes the two Political Parties Different?? Answer: The Ideology

What is the Democrat Party Ideology:
Higher Taxes, Homosexual marriage,Open Borders,Government dependency,Welfare Programs..Godless Society

Republican Party Ideology:
Freedom, Equality, Lower Taxes, Limited Government, Capitalism, Private Property Rights and Freedom of Religion

The True History of the Republican Party  and Blacks

The Republican Party Evolved in the 1850's when the issue of Slavery divided the Whig and Republican Parties. Alan Earl Bovay helped found the Republican Party. He believed that the new party should represent the interest of the north and the abolitionists fighting to end Slavery. Abraham Lincoln gave the Republicans their first Presidential victory in 1865 and submitted to the States the 13th Amendment coupled with the Emancipation Proclamation ended Slavery. Upon Lincoln's assasination Vice President Andrew Johnson extened Lincoln's legislation by proposing the 15th amendment which gauranteed Voting Rights regardless of Race..Creed or Color. Fredrick Douglass a Republican..fighter for freedom and advisor to Abraham Lincoln worked closely with Lincoln to help end Slavery. This is the reason freed Blacks flocked to the Republican Party and held political office as Republicans.

The True History of the Texas Republican Party   and Blacks

Blacks were one group of Texans that would consistently support the Republican Party in the early years throughout Reconstruction Blacks helped lay the early foundation of the Republican Party of Texas. Blacks comprised about 90% of GOP membership and 44 Blacks served in the Texas Legislature. The first ever State Republican Convention that met in Houston on July 4th in 1867 and was predominantly Black in composition with about 150 Blacks attending and 20 Whites. The Republican Party as history teaches us was the original political party of the Black man.   

The Historical Relationship between the Democrat Party and the Ku Klux Klan 

The average misinformed Black in America they too accept that the KKK is tied to the Republican Party. 
Nothing could be further from the truth. I do understand..however..when the Democrat State Run media and
Democrats such as Sheila Jackson Lee and others associate the KKK with the Tea Party and Republicans the
average Black believes every word. History teaches us that the KKK was a proxy paramilitary group grown out of the Democrat Party to intimidate..terrorize and kill Black Republicans because of their support and strong numbers in the Republican Party. Click on the link above and find out for yourself how the Democrat establishment has re-written history to present the image that the Republicans and the Tea Party Movement are somehow tied in with the KKK. 

The History of Planned Parenthood and their GOAL to Exterminate the Black Population via Abortion and Sterilization (Black Genocide)

To most average Americans..epecially Blacks the Democrat party has done a phenomenal job in brainwashing and convincing
us that it's a woman's right to choose and that makes Abortion okay. Once upon a time I "rolled" with this mindset..putting politics before my spiritual beliefs. War had been declared on Black America shorty after the Emancipation Proclamation and the new
weapon of choice by the "Progressive" Democrats was Sterilization to control the Black population via reproduction. When you
click on the link above and order the Maafa 21 DVD you will be introduced to the Princess of Abortion..the water carrier Margaret Sanger..which the Democrat Historians conviently left out of our Black History and U.S History books. I urge you to purchase the Maafa21 DVD.The link is below the youtube block. The Democrat Party and many celebrities donate millions of dollars to Planned
Parenthood each year. Funding for Planned Parenthood was also added into Obamacare..mandating that the Catholic Church and
related federally funded programs provide tax payer payed abortions.

Communism..Marxism..and Socialism on the move in America

The Democrat Party has been very clever in disguising their Communist policies in the eggshell of helping the poor,downtrodden
and disenfranchised. To the average American especially Blacks the Democrat Party projects an image of reaching out and helping
the little guy. This is only a tactic used by the Democrat Party to win over misinformed voters and through their continued ignorance
they will keep voting these politicians into office every election cycle. The dirty little secret is that the Democrat party since the Emancipation Proclamation have gravitated to these Communist ideologies that have invaded and infected our great Republic.

Communism - A System of Government in which the State (Federal Government) plans and controls the economy and a single, often authoritarian party holds power, claiming to make progress toward a higher social order I which all goods are shared equally. 
Communism elevates the STATE and diminishes God.

b. The Marxist-Leninist version of Communism Doctrine that advocates the over throw of Capitalism by the Revolution of the proletariat.

Marxism - Believe in the overthrow of Capitalism and see the working class as being exploited class. Karl Marx 
and Fredrick Engles who are both non-Americans were the original formulators of these theories

Socialism - Any of the various theories of systems of social organization in which the means of producing and distributing goods is owned collectively or by a centralized Government that often plans and controls the economy. and I were taught in school about the evils and immorality of Communism. History and today's World teaches us that Communist Dictators starve their people..ration basic services while they and the politically connected live like kings and the people suffer. For some insane reason..the Democrat Party believes that if they can only usher in Communism and destroy Capitalism..everybody will be equal..the wealth will be redistributed and we will have Heaven on they think. We as voters have to be careful who we elect into political evidenced in our Government today and how America can  fundamentally be transformed into something unrecognizable. 

Universal Healthcare (Obamacare) linked to Communism

Totalitarian forms of Government such as the likes of Cuba and China for decades have provided universal healthcare
to their citizens. Though the intentions may be good...arguably Government run healthcare changes the Doctor-Patient relationship.
and replaces it with a Centralized governing panel. Medical decisions then become based on costs savings for the Government vs
the healthcare of the patient. Remember..Government does not exist to make a profit..therefore the more fat that can be trimmed
to make Government run more efficiently..the better it is for the beaurocrats..not for the patient. This is why it is so important that
Obamacare is repealed. It's too expensive..running into the trillions of dollars over the next few years to sustain. The federal
Government has no business being in the Healthcare business.

Global Warming..Climate Change and Green Energy linked to Communism

For decades the Environmentalist Movement in America has tried every Marxist trick imaginable to attack Capitalism under the guise
of "saving the planet". "Treehuggers" as they are called believe that Nature trumps mankind. Enviromentalist Lobby groups
donate millions of dollars to the Democrat Party to influence the politicians vote when it comes down to saving the earth or
enabling capitalism to flourish by way of domestic oil production. This is nothing more than an assault on our free market capitalist
system and our effort to become less dependent on oil from Arab Countries.A good example of this is the Keystone Pipeline
which if given the green light can create thousands of jobs in Texas and elsewhere. As you would have guessed Obama decided that it was best to to keep his Communist buddies happy (Environmentalist) than to do what's right for this Country and Capitalism
Wealth Redistribution is the driving force that motivates the Democrat party to implement such Communist legislation such as
Cap and Trade.

Taxing the Rich..Class Envy..Class Struggle linked to Communism

Karl Marx and Fredrick Engles were the original masterminds behind this theory/tactic that the Democrat Party has used for decades
to cause racial enmity and division between the poor and the wealthy. This imported form of hatred is the tool of choice even for
today's Democrat Party to cause chaos and division leading up to the 2012 November Elections. This hate rhetoric has given birth to Communist Movements such as Occupy Wallstreet and a renewed hate for our free market capitalistic system. Obama has been
the ring leader for spreading this Communist propaganda as a means of rallying support for his re-election bid in November. 
Obama will not be running on his shameful record..rather he will count on the hatred against the rich to win him a second term. 

Samesex Mariage...Homosexual Rights..Cultural Rot..Godless Society linked to Communism

What you are about to read is a sad reality of cultural rot and degeneracy brought to you by your friendly neighborhood Democrat Party.
So you never thought you would live to see the day Communism woud leave the shores of Russia and China and land on American
soil via the Democrat Party. You have watch the see the moral decay of our culture. This is just a partial list of goals
regarding the Communist takeover of America from the book " The Naked Communist" by Cleon Skousen 1963.
Communist Goals (1963) Congressional Record--Appendix, pp. A34-A35 January 10. 1963.
You do not have to believe me just read and connect the dots for yourself:

                                                  16 Steps to Communism in the United States
1.Break down culture standards of morality by promoting pornography and obscenity in books, magazines, motion pictures, radio and tv
2.Present homosexuality,degeneracy and promoscuity as "normal,natural,health"
3.Infiltrate the churches and replace revealed religion with "social" religion. Discredit the Bible and emphasize the need for intellectual maturity
which does not need a "religious" church

4.Eliminate prayer or any phase of religious expression in the schools on the ground that it violates the principle of "separation of church and
5.Discredit the American Founding Fathers. Present them as selfish aristocrats who had no concern for the common man.
6.Discredit the American Constitution by calling it inadequate,old fashioned,out of step with modern needs, a hindrance to cooperation between
nations on a worldwide basis
7.Discredit the Family as an institution. Encourage promiscuity and easy divorce.
8.Infiltrate and gain control of more unions
9.Support any Socialist Movement to give centralized control over any part of the culture--education,social agencies,welfare programs
   mental health clinics..etc.
10.Gain control of key positions in radio,tv and motion pictures
11.Eliminate all laws governing obscenity by calling them "censorship" and a violation of free speech and free press
12.Control Art Critics and Directors of art museums. " Our plan is to promote ugliness,repulsive meaningless art
13.Use technical decisions of the courts to weaken basic American Institutions by claiming their activities violate Civil Rights
14.Develope the illusion that total disarmament by the U.S would be a demonstration of moral strength
15.Get control of the schools. Use them as transmission belts for Socialism and Communist propaganda. Soften the curriculim.
    Get control of Teacher Associations. Put the party line in textbooks.
16. Capture one or both political parties in the U.S

    Again these are excerpts taken from a book written in 1963..have you connected the dots yet?

 Communist Quote from Obama Book " Dreams from my Father "
" To avoid being mistaken for a sellout, I chose my friends carefully. The more politically active black students. 
     The foreign students. The Chicanos. The Marxist professors and structural feminist and punk rock performance poets.
     We smoked cigarettes and wore leather jackets. At night, in the dorms, we discussed neocolonialism, Franz Fanon,
     Eurocentrism and  patriarctry"   " We were resisting bourgeois society stifling constraints"
      - Barack Obama, pg 100 paragraph 3
                                                                                                                                                                                         "Dreams from my Father"
    Highlighted words defined:
     Feminist - Advocate/ activist for equal rights for women

     Neocolonialism - Exploitation of a supposedly independent region by a foreign power

     Eurocentrism - The practice of viewing the world from a European perspective and with the impled belief, either consciously or
                                  subconsciously, in the preeminence of a European culture
     Marxist - One that advocates Marxism..Socialism or Communism

     Franz Fanon - French psychiatrist and revolutionary thinker, whose writings had profound influence on the radical movements in the 1960s
     in the United States and Europe. He believed that violent revolution is the only mens of ending colonial repression

 Communist "code words" used by Obama in State of the Union speeches as well as Democrat politicians

1. Hope and Change - code for Revolution
2. Womans right to choose - code for sterilization and Black genocide
3. Human Rights
4. Fairness
5. Shared sacrifice
6. Tax the Rich -
7. The rich must pay their fair share
8. Income Inequality

All of these are Communist code words that you can pick up on if you still watch Obama speeches

Tea Party Values are Black Values
The Tea Party Movement was started shortly before George Bush left office under the idea that the size of the Federal Government
was getting too BIG..Federal spending was out of control and Washington was bailing out it's Corporate buddies with Tax Payer Dollars.
The Tea Party Movement served as a "check valve "  to keep both the Democrat and Republican Parties from spending America into 
insolvency. This is why both political parties dislike the Tea Party and why the Democrats label them as racist..tell me something I
don't know :-))) Investigate your local Tea Party and attend a just might like what you see and HEAR! And stop allowing the
Democrat politicians to tell you who to like and your own research the way I did

Texas Congresswoman Sheila Jackson Lee 18th Congressional District Houston,TX 
                                             Shameful Anti-American..Anti-Family Voting Record
VOTED YES ON PAY RAISE FOR CONGRESS (During a reccession) JUL. 2009

Rated 7% unfavorably by the Christian Coalition for her anti-family voting record
Rated 100% favorably by HRC Homosexual and Lesbian organization for her pro-homosexual voting record

It is very clear that Sheila Jackson Lee does not VOTE the interest or values of the Black Community.
Nonetheless..ignorant Blacks in her district will continue to vote fot ths Communist

Google: Sheila Jackson Lee ON THE ISSUES to view her entire voting record

Did the Obama White House knowingly hire an avowed Communist as a White House CZAR???

Answer: YES. Avowed Commuist Van Jones was hired as the White House Green Jobs Czar..hense bypassing Congressional approval.
There was public outrage over his hiring..afterwhich he resigned. Watch former Obama Czar Avowed Communist Van Jones preach
his Anti-American Pro-Green propaganda on
        Why did the Democrat Establishment Erase our Black Republican History out of the textbooks?
                 Order the American History in Black and White DVD to learn your REAL Black History
                 Order Maafa 21 DVD and get the TRUTH about Abortion and the Extermination of Blacks
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